400,000 uniques. This is the beginning of the beginning.

I reported 300,000 uniques this past November. Growth is accelerating, as many of you can see from the near 20,000 that I had last month and the increasing numbers each previous month. Do I expect a drop-off with the summer? Absolutely. Do I care? Not at all. Soon I’ll reach the goal of 10,000 per day, and hopefully that goal will coincide with more people reading poetry; an increased concern for the liberal arts; people taking education into their own hands; a great number of readers of Xenophon and Emily Dickinson; people showing more appreciation for what we each create. Yeah, it sounds ambitious and grandiose. But that’s what happens when you write things that actually attempt to have meaning and keep at it.

Before I link to a few things that may be of interest for new readers, a bunch of thank-yous. A huge thank you to David Sullivan, who is probably the staunchest supporter of this blog. I owe you quite a lot of beer and clam chowder given all the calories consumed promoting this site. I’m pretty sure I promised Amanda Ball a new car for all the help she’s given over the years. And there are so many more to thank who’ve helped recently and in the past: Emory Rowland, Emma Askew, John Metcalf, Xiane Sierocka-Stock, Ario Farin, Catherine Rogers, Constance Turner, Joe Ramelo, Ruthie Ojigho, Joe Connole, Lori Epperson, Gabriel Hugoboom, Brittany Martinez, Paula Gardner, Brian D., Joshua Rocks, Ibrahim D., Kelly Koch, Jon Knight, Tim Haglund, Robert Franson, Alice Shapiro and I know I am missing so many more of you. A huge thank you to the many who not only tolerate but promote me on Stumbleupon, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and especially Old Dogg. For everyone named and unnamed: please keep commenting, please keep linking back, please say hi on places like Facebook and Tumblr and message me personally when you can. If this growth continues, I won’t be able to keep track of you even as badly as I have, let alone name individuals. My only way of saying thanks will be producing content. (I suspect you won’t mind that.)

And now a few links:

A huge thanks to all of you once again. It’s been an honor.


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