Beautiful, sunny, warm day that might be a bit too hot if one stays in the sun for a bit longer than one should.

I don’t want to go out. Uptown Dallas last night – Friday night – was crazy. I’ve never seen so many boisterous, beautiful people packed into expensive bars for what seemed like miles. Getting a parking space was near impossible; residential side streets were packed. Gorgeous women everywhere; it was clearly a “night on the town” for many, and they had money and men all over them. And I can’t say the weather was unpleasant. A bit humid but also breezy. The wind only picked up a few times to bother one if one was walking around looking for something.

I was wandering around looking for something. Friends wanted to see the open tomb to JFK, the spots on the road marking the shots, the book depository. It was late when we got there, late when we got back. But we saw everything we wanted to see and the mood was somber.

No such lack of gaiety in Uptown where we parked. I admit being kind of jealous. Everyone seemed professional and young. Everyone seemed relieved and determined to make the most of their time out. There’s something admirable about such resolve.

Me, I’ll be happy if I get in some good conversation tonight and tomorrow. Seeing history or putting energy into enjoying oneself: something is actually more in common there than we’d like to admit. The description of the cenotaph for JFK talks about his “free spirit.” I can’t say my friends and I conversed badly last night. But I do know what I was looking for wasn’t to be found downtown or uptown.


  1. I hate having that issue. I am enjoying the nice Hot weather here in Florida. But I feel your pain especially with Parking and taxi’s are expensive as well. Too bad they don’t have a service to pick up people and drive them around cheaply.

  2. I could sense what you’re feeling at that moment! Other people got more than they wanted and you on the other hand had nothing than jealousy. What a life! It could never be fair but that what life is all about!

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