Links, 3/17/11

  • Megan McArdle, “Failure to Represent” – from the article: The way things are set up now, unions effectively have a legal duty to represent their members as zealously as possible.
  • Jay Cost, “The Glorified Clerkship” – not sure about the overall argument, but the brief mention of Neustadt’s Presidential Power got my attention: His [Neustadt’s] thesis is that the formal powers of the presidency — as outlined in Article II of the Constitution — are sparse, leaving the chief executive as little more than a clerk. What gives the presidency such potential is the informal power of the office, which comes from the ability of the occupant to inspire awe in the public.
  • Don’t remember if I linked to these before, but you should really take a look at Paul’s newer icons: Christ wedding icon | Theotokos wedding icon
  • “Of the Mayflower Compact” – a solid review of an important document in American history

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