I’ve been interviewed!

I know, I know. I’ve already shouted this on Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon and to a few of you on e-mail already. But I really enjoyed being more open about what the blog’s goals are. For example:

I want people to work through serious opinions and see how the higher issues emerge in texts, movies, lyrics, music, fine arts (and maybe even performing arts: I need to learn something about ballet, though). That sounds snobby, but it’s really something lots of people want to do already.

No one is happy about the unanimity at certain outlets on the web; even the most diehard partisans tire of winning every comment thread “battle.” I know people want to know something more serious has been said and want to engage it.

So I try to present (short) poems, journalism I find thoughtful, summaries and commentary on longer texts that are too important to ignore, reviews, etc. I think the key to what I do is that I don’t shy away from working toward questions and elaborating difficult themes.

A huge thanks to Christian Harder for some great questions. Do read the rest of the interview over at “Pages and Pixels,” please.


  1. A grand little interview indeed :-) Although I love living in a small town on the ocean, I often envy big city life. Art in all its different forms seems to be a lot more accessible. Yes, the ‘net’s made things easier, but there’s nothing like experiencing art first-hand. A good exhibition or festival is such a grand way to pass the time and inspire.

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