I have a Facebook page for Rethink…

…it’s not much yet:


If you’re on facebook, do stop by and give likes and comments. Any suggestions you have for it are welcome. It’s not much yet, but one thing I’m doing is giving people admin powers so that way it links out to different content than the main blog. Heck, maybe I’ll get topics to blog about from there.

Also, totally unrelated – a friend has put up some nice thoughts on one of Basho’s more famous haiku:

an ancient pond
a frog jumps in
the splash of water

Link to her thoughts here.


  1. Though you might find this interesting:
    “RW: How relevant is rational thought to haiku and its correlation to zen thinking?

    SH: Too much rational thinking is probably as destructive and limiting as too much irrational thought. Dreams, after all, are also reality, just in different attire. When Basho writes his famous haiku about the frog “plunging into / the sound of water” he is making a huge imaginative leap. That poor poem has been frequently butchered by translators unable to make the leap WITH Basho. That frog is NOT leaping into water, but into the SOUND of water.
    How does one, rationally, “leap into sound?” Great metaphors often engage an element of the irrational”

    Just randomly ran into the article and though of this post.

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