It’s Going to Snow in Dallas Tomorrow, Or The Sky Is Falling Part Deux

Yeah, the sky is falling. I remember how badly prepared campus and the apartments nearby were the last time temperatures were below freezing. I spent a lot of time slipping and sliding and falling trying to just get off campus and go back to my room to sleep (the temperatures dropped early evening that day).

I expect this place to be entirely shut down for a little bit. Which means I can catch up with sleep. Read the books I’ve brought down (this includes Benardete’s study of the Republic). Or blog an insane amount and show just how much I love the sound of my own voice.

Things are good down here. I’m taking a class and it is going well. I’m settled with housing and I eat very well. And yes, scholarly articles are being read. They will be responded to shortly. I might actually be having a bit too much fun at the moment, which either means: 1) I’m a loser because no one at my age should be taking a class, be basically on campus all the time and bugging undergrads or 2) I’ve got this Socrates impression down pretty well.

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