Weather is beautiful here in Dallas. Temperatures aren’t too hot, and certainly not cold. The sky has been clear at night and one is compelled to walk around campus looking at the stars.

I’m not so focused on a theme right now as much as I am trying to get  more secondary literature read and reviewed. This has not been disadvantageous. I’ve been able to see several primary sources previously read in a new light; discovered a few new credible scholars; gotten ideas for future papers and blog posts; written a few blog posts. I enjoy this “research” thing.

Lots to do today. There’s a book I’ve been reading a few pages at a time. I’d like to get it finished and review it. A paper I printed out yesterday has a bunch of quotes in Greek I need to look up in English just so I can understand it. There’s class, too, and that means review beforehand and afterward an assignment I need to get started on. Moreover, I promised a few people I would make some time for them.

No complaints on my part. I just hope the learning translates into goods we can all share in. But I also know that if anyone has pushed toward that end, it’s me.

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