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Poems analyzed in 2010

Happy New Year everyone. I don’t think I have resolutions myself, but I probably should take stock of what I thought last year and where I’ve come. The poem commentaries are never explicitly personal. One will never find “I got dumped for the same reason the speaker articulates” or anything close to that. But taken together, they are a log of what’s been on my mind and what themes need to be developed more in my thinking.

So here’s a list of the poems covered in 2010 in chronological order. I only covered 47 poems last year. (Guess that’s a resolution already – write more on poetry). And while I’m proud of nearly everything I write, I do know that some of the best commentary wasn’t produced last year. See Derek Walcott’s “Europa” (a discussion of logos and mythos in Plato) and John Keats’ “To Autumn” for a sample of that. Without further ado:

Next post will be January 5th or later: much to do, much to do.


  1. Your commentaries are read, studied, tossed about between the ears, and enjoyed.

    Thanks for the work.

  2. Quite a Reading list… Thanks and Happy New Year….

  3. Found your blog late in 2010, and enjoyed the critiques and analysis.. hope to read more this year ^_^

  4. Same as Henway.It has truly been fun. I hope to start my own blog modeled after your vision with my own selection of favorite poetic gems and analysis…though i can’t imagine it living up to the original “form”.

  5. I have vowed to remain the sharp, witty and otherwise flawless speciemen you see before you today.

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