1. @ David: nothing bad is happening, if that’s your concern.

    I was just thinking about a conversation I had with some younger people. One of them was badgering the other one with “What are you going to do with that” combined with “do you think that will be successful?” Those are questions all adults ask, with good reason. But it was weird watching someone younger use that in a slightly obnoxious way.

    So I was thinking something needed to be said in favor of failure simply. People don’t choose to fail at things. They pick things they end up failing at because they think those things are worth the risk. It’s something we might need to hear more about. If there’s one thing that worries me about the generation right behind mine, it’s how materialistic it is, how they want to sound like adults and do adult things like hang out at bars at 13. They don’t seem to have any clue how much of the adult world in necessitated.

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