Links, 1/30/11


  1. Interesting link on Irving Kristol, reads almost like a biography I had picked up a few years

    ago on C.S. Lewis, Trotskyian sides and arguments more so though.

    “The market is fully prepared to serve as judge, jury and executioner,” that about sums

    up capitalism lol. I may sound like a broken record here but I can’t help but look to Bush

    when thinking about our current state of affairs. Two wars funded by China, since we are

    technically “borrowing” from them, followed by taxes cuts for the last decade. “What is

    there to say? This has got to stop?” No really, this has got to stop, it’s time to realipolitik

    this bitch, bit the bullet and raise taxes. Republicans these days are seem to be living

    beyond their means, kind of a side of what caused the housing market crash?

    As far as the third link, it’s probably best that we start thinking about ways to get

    ourselves out of this predicament instead of paying lip service to it, it’s one thing to say

    we have to stop spending, it’s another thing to give and push some ideas no?

    Loved the Piano Trio No. 3, second movement really struck a chord, I was kind of cleaning

    whilst listening to. It seems there’s 4 movements, had a hard time looking for the other two as well, still managed to enjoy though, thank you.

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