Links, 1/12/10

  • Megan McArdle, “Congress Needs to be More Budget-Minded” – from the article: A politician’s first goal, after bedrock basics like national defense and the rudiments of a social safety net, should be a manageable regulatory system, especially the tax code–one that is easier for citizens and businesses to comply with, regulators to administer, and for Congress to oversee.  We should not enact rules, no matter how nice, that significantly detract from that goal.
  • Jay Cost, “A Majority – If You Can Keep It” – from the article: The GOP surge depended on the consolidation of the Bush vote; districts that had been splitting their ballots​—​voting for Republican presidents and Democratic congressmen​—​stopped doing so in 2010. Thus, most Republican gains last year came in areas where the party has been strong for some time. In the 66 districts the GOP won from the Democrats, George W. Bush carried on average 55 percent of the presidential vote in 2004. Even John McCain carried an average of 51 percent of the vote in those same districts in 2008. This suggests that, unlike in 1946, the GOP sweep in 2010 will have staying power, even if President Obama should be reelected. To hold their majority in 2012, House Republicans will basically have to defend their home turf.
  • Rob Walker, “Cyberspace When You’re Dead” – a very good introduction to some new end-of-life issues. What happens when everything you’ve worked for is only digital and you’re gone? This technology may not have the staying power of pen and paper. This might be an issue this blog has to face, morbid as that is to think.
  • Jean Kazez, “Two God Books” – there’s a treatment of the updated ontological argument here that you definitely want to see.

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