Links, 12/9/10

  • Megan McArdle, “Do Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Create Jobs?” – from the article: We’ve got a massive fiscal problem ahead of us, and extending all these tax cuts until 2012 will simply mean that both parties will be vying with each other to bust the budget ahead of the election. But it seems ludicrous to me to claim that tax cuts for the middle class are affordable, excellent stimulus, while the much smaller tax cuts for the wealthy cost too much relative to the stimulus they deliver.
  • “Documents Confirm Shipments of Tanks to Sudan” (nytimes; h/t Josh) – from the article, referring to the fact that the US government has been a bit inconsistent over the issue of whether some tanks should have been sold to southern Sudan: Representative Donald M. Payne, the New Jersey Democrat who heads the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa, has urged that the tanks be shipped. “Our government knew those tanks were being purchased,” he said in an interview. “The fact is the pirates’ seizure of the tanks is what made them change their policy. I don’t think the Obama administration has a clear policy on Sudan.”
  • Ruth Graham, “Archie Gets Married and Goes to Hell” – from the article: In “Archie Loves Veronica,” Veronica’s wealthy father has hired Archie to work at his international corporation, Lodge Industries. Work stress, and Archie’s insecurity when Veronica is promoted above him, quickly drive the young couple apart. In one fight, Archie snaps at his wife, “Sure, I get it! Your husband and marriage aren’t as important to you as your ‘daddy.’ ” Veronica is left alone to cry in her dark office, gazing at a photo of the couple on their wedding day and wondering what went wrong.
  • Jay Cost, “Empty Threats from the Left” – from the article: Not only will the left not primary the president, but when push comes to shove they will support him as enthusiastically as they ever have.

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