Links, 12/8/10

  • Peter Schuck, “Do Not Go Directly To Jail” (nytimes, h/t Josh) – from the article: Non-citizen criminals represent a significant percentage of American prisoners: in 2009, some 25 percent of federal prisoners and a smaller fraction of state prisoners were non-citizens; in California, 18,705 inmates were non-citizens. Although the federal government can deport many of them as soon as their criminal convictions become final, a century-old law provides that immigrants can be deported only after they have served their sentences here.
  • Megan McArdle, “A Good Deal for Democrats on Tax Cuts” – from the article: I’ve color coded the priorities based on who I hear pushing various proposals.  Looking at them this way, it looks like the Democratic proposals got more money than the GOP proposals, even if we leave the “middle class tax cuts” out of it.
  • Jay Cost, “Will Obama face a serious Democratic challenger in 2012?” – from the article: I have maintained for a while that the number one reason Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination in 2008 is because he was the only serious candidate in the 2008 Democratic field not to have supported the Iraq War, and for him to continue his current policies with these two conflicts courts danger with the substantial Bryan-Wallace-McGovern peace faction within his own party.
  • “7 Most Catastrophic World of Warcraft Moments” (Wired; h/t Josh) – the “Corrupted Blood” plague is interesting to read about.

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