Links, 12/2/10

  • Megan McArdle, “What Happened to U.S. Health Care Costs?” – the graphs say a lot. From the article: You can argue that the employee health care deduction basically explains the entire cost differential between American systems and the others.
  • Jay Cost, “How did the GOP Perform with Hispanic Voters in 2010?” – from the article: The GOP’s share among Hispanic voters in the nationwide House ballot was the best it has been since 2004, and the Democratic haul from the Hispanic vote was also substantially reduced relative to 2008 or 2006. Yet all is not sweetness and light for the GOP.
  • Henry Alford, “You’re O.K., But I’m Not. Let’s Share” – from the article: Indeed, if a theme emerges from the stories you hear in the Forum, it’s that nobody has a casual relationship with his or her mother. When, a few years back, a 106-year-old showed up for the Forum and was asked what she was “working on” at this point in her life, she replied, “I want to be a better mother.” She brought her 82-year-old son to the Tuesday night graduation session that concludes all Forum weekends; when he was asked why he had come, he said, “My mother made me.”
  • “Ford’s Approaching a Huge Milestone” (, h/t Josh) – I’m still buying a Nissan or Toyota. From the article: Another bold debt-reduction move from Ford (NYSE: F) earlier this week: The Dearborn automaker announced that it had taken another hearty chunk — nearly $2 billion worth — out of its rapidly shrinking debt pile.

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  1. The My Mother made me do it comment in the Henry Alford link Reminded me of when President George H.W. Bush Banned Broccoli from the White House.. He said my Mother Made Me eat Broccoli. But I am President now:)

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