Links, 12/14/10

  • Jay Cost, “Farewell, Michael Steele” – it turns out Mr. Steele is running for RNC chair again, instead of resigning in disgrace like he should. The fundraising numbers on his watch were terrible, and fundraising was his primary job.
  • Megan McArdle, “Columbia Eminent Domain Case Will Not Be Heard” – Columbia University got the government to use “eminent domain” to grab land for them. It’s a violation that strikes at the very heart of property rights.
  • Anne Applebaum, “Generation Smash: Why Brits finally started freaking out about government cuts” – I remember one time telling a colleague that the major cleavage in politics nowadays was generational, that the class divisions do tend to break along lines of age. I didn’t say this to blame anyone, just to identify actors and interests and get a more serious grip on complicated problems. He scoffed at this. I’m pretty sure the gentleman in question nowadays is being treated for having too low an IQ to function in society.
  • Annie Lowrey, “A Satisfying Subsidy” – from the article: …among government safety-net programs, food stamps are a model of efficiency. Welfare is not great at getting people to work. Disability insurance too often goes to people who are not actually disabled. Unemployment insurance (not a welfare program, but a safety net nevertheless) tends to increase the duration of unemployment. But food stamps are great at reducing hunger while also, for instance, helping local businesses, improving student grades, and reducing the likelihood a family will go on a more expensive program, like welfare.

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