I’m sick…

…and this really sucks. Treating the headache and the decreased lung capacity like an asthma problem did work somewhat. Claritin and the Nebulizer did help, and the headache decreased some, and I didn’t feel like I had to blow a hole through my back to take a breath. But I’m swinging from hot to cold to hot to cold fairly frequently, and while there aren’t chills of the teeth-clattering sort yet, I wonder if they’re next.

I’m not entirely sure how to treat this thing. I want to feel productive during this no matter what. I should have a book coming in from Amazon tomorrow. I should have some focus to be able to get through the introduction.

Alright. Time to go take another treatment and put on some more layers. Talk soon.


  1. I read this one too late but I am just curious. Are you feeling so much better now? Christmas is coming and it’s very cold, it’s easier to catch a headache this time of the year. Drink orange juice to boost your immune system. Take care of your health so that we can be read more blogs from you. ;)

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