Traffic for this month is good, really good…

…and I just wanted to post a “thank you” to all of you. I know you’re sharing this blog through social media, e-mail, word of mouth, and I’m pretty sure one or two of you have placed some pretty weighty links for this blog on sites I could never hope to be linked from.

So thank you. Right now, traffic is at 11,600 for this month. That’s a lot of people for a month where I haven’t said much of anything, and when I have spoken, haven’t done so particularly well. To put that number in perspective: there’s a pretty prominent philosophy blog with 10,000 or so subscribers and around 20k visitors per month. It’s well-known in that niche and gets traffic from people who are professionals (yes, in philosophy) and very informed enthusiasts.

I’m going to go out on a limb: what’s happening at this blog is more important, more radical. The “bounce rate” for this blog is still 90%, despite the fact search traffic (now over 50% of visits) almost always finds exactly what it is looking for here. With a bounce rate of 90%, it’s probably the case that virtually no one who comes to this site is a repeat visitor. Most people would argue that’s a sign this blog isn’t doing its job. I’d argue otherwise, especially with traffic sharply increasing. There’s an audience being awakened, slowly but surely, that craves depth, that wants to hear what serious voices of the past have to say.

Over 5 years, I’ve covered works and selections by Yeats, Dickinson, Frost, Auden, Blake, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus, Aristophanes, Plato, Xenophon, Aristotle, Plutarch, Machiavelli, Alexander Hamilton, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wittgenstein, Heidegger and a host of others. That’s not significant: I have my fair share of posts which make absolutely no sense. The material goes over my own head a considerable amount of the time. What is significant is that even at more professional blogs, ones devoted to depth in a niche, I doubt you’ll find this combination of breadth and depth being appreciated by an audience almost wholly new to reading and thinking in this way.

Again, thank you. I do ask if you’re not subscribed, please consider subscribing – click “further information” at the bottom, and look for the “RSS Entries” link, or check the FAQ. The total number of subscribers to this blog is somewhere around 70. I’d like a few more by day’s end, if you would.


  1. Just found you rather by accident but never mind, your visitor stats are very impressive but the 90% bounce rate I find very puzzling. I wonder what is happening and are you worried about it?

  2. I myself found you by accident as well! I enjoy reading your blogs, and I have actually added your page to the home screen of my phone! Thank you for what you do, and please keep them coming!!!

  3. Interesting. The stats show how good your traffic is. I keep an eye on my stats as well and like you do, it’s doing pretty well. Hope it’ll stay and keep getting better.

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