Links, 11/8/10

Goals for today: reread Republic Book V, use secondary sources to reawaken knowledge of books III & IV (roughly: Socrates concludes there that “justice is minding your own business” in the best city, but the whole line of reasoning is loaded with traps and ironies). I’m looking for a topic for the next “real” project.

Unrelatedly: I’m thinking for the blog a short post on Prometheus Bound might be appropriate. It’s a difficult play which only now I’m beginning to understand. The artistic merits of the play can’t be understated. Aeschylus’ Prometheus is a very slippery character, and one has to be attentive not just to the half-truths he speaks, but the scene all around him. Part of that scene is literally his perception of things.

A few links:

  • Jay Cost, “Special ‘Umm…Pelosi?!’ Edition!” – yes, it is very likely Nancy Pelosi will be Minority Leader. And people say Republicans are thick-headed.
  • Megan McArdle, “Health Care Votes Hurt Democrats” – from the article (Eric McGhee is quoted): What might have happened if vulnerable Democrats hadn’t voted for any of the four bills? I’ll define “vulnerable” as any Democratic incumbent who lost. The graph below shows the balance of power as predicted by the regression, and then what it might have been if everything else was the same but these vulnerable Democrats had voted “no” on everything. The result is stunning . . . Democrats gain back 32 seats, enough to retain control of the House.
  • Aaron Schatz, “How Good is Philly in Third and Long?” – for fans of American football. To be clear: a lot of us (myself included) whine about the Eagles’ defense. I think I need to start being a lot more appreciative of what they’ve accomplished.
  • Mendelssohn Piano Trio No. 1, Second Movement – sings sweetly and powerfully. I’ve been whistling the melody for the last week after hearing it once.

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