Election Day, 11/2/10

Going out to vote in a few minutes, then I think I’ll head to the bookstore and park there for an hour or so. I’ve been reading lots recently, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Re: the Apology. Thinking of adding a concluding essay. Not sure. I feel like there’s a hidden structure to the whole work, that when the right questions are asked, it’s like you can recombine the parts and get a different text. I know working in that vein will produce some good. But the surface is ultimately that much more important. The primary reason for the outline was that I saw a discussion among people who had some acquaintance with philosophy manage to say (I’m being really diplomatic here) some rather problematic things about the text.

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  1. Hey Ashok, I’ve been subscribed to your blog for awhile, love the philosophical commentary. it would be great if you perhaps linked the commentary to real life issues and conflicts that everyday men are facing. Just a thought :)

  2. Did the absentee ballot thing, although my county allows you to drop it off in it’s sort of sherbert colored envelope on Election Day at any polling station in the county.

    They moved polling stations around on me- instead of a firehouse about 3 miles away, I had to go to the garage of a private home in a gated community some 6 miles away…..in which I had to drive past the firehouse and through another congressional district, but with the absentee ballot I could just drop it off at the closer polling station.

    Not really happy with the results out here- Boxer, 70’s retread Brown and no legalized marijuana. Never mind pot….I’d probably need to mainline black tar heroin for the next two years knowing that my vote is cancelled out by about a dozen burnout hippies or shrill, in your face LGBT activists up in San Fran Freakshow.

  3. Hi there Ashok! I have been able to read your blogs for the last couple of days and I must say that you’re a really good blogger. Your thoughts about certain issues and topics amaze me. During Election days, I find it important to let people know of their right to vote. Good job!

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