300,000 visitors is a good excuse to say thanks

300,000 is the number staring back at me from sitemeter, and I thought it would be a good time to say thank you for your reading and support. I’m pretty happy with the 400-500 visitors I get most days; I’ll be really happy when that number is 10,000 a day.

This isn’t greed on my part. This is required in order to have a sizeable audience of serious readers versus people who are on the site for a second and go away promptly. Traffic overwhelmingly favors more recent entries, and I can’t say that’s the most encouraging thing. It means relentless self-promotion of past writings is a must.

Because of your efforts, I know traffic is going to increase markedly soon, and I want to have even better content ready for when that happens. I’m going to try to post more often the next few weeks and get a bit more attention for some older posts. The blog has 1,100 entries at this point: you’d be amazed how little attention some of the best ones get.

A few entries that don’t get nearly enough attention:

Thanks again everyone. I should have new content up soon, and hopefully it’ll be interesting to all of you.


  1. Keep up the great work. I’ve enjoyed most of your posts… although as I mentioned, I really would like to see more relation to real-life problems… Practical philosophy commentary so to speak… how we could use what Socrates, and Aristotle, and Marcus Aurelius to help us solve personal problems such as rejection from the opposite sex, adultery, unfairness in life, stress, feelings of lack, jealousy, etc.. the possibilities are endless ^_^

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