Links, 10/7/10

  • Slate, “Mark Zuckerberg Has Figured Out How to Force Everyone to Use Facebook” – ugh.
  • Megan McArdle, “The Problem of Bad Patents” – from the article: In the case of intellectual property, I think we have broadly three problems.  The first is that the rules are often bad–think the extension of copyright terms to longer than the lifetime of the average artist, courtesy of Sonny Bono and the Walt Disney Company.  This should be fixed legislatively, but probably won’t be because the special interests that favor the bad rules are very motivated, while there’s no broad coalition of consumers determined to get access to cheap copies of Ann of Green Gables.
  • Prince William makes first royal rescue for RAF – while a number of conservative bloggers debate whether firefighters extinguishing a fire is “socialism,” there’s this in the UK.
  • John Hollway, “Innocent on Death Row” – no comment necessary. Please do read the whole thing.
  • Ario Farin, “Analyze That” – from the post: Every Wednesday evening I coach a class of psychotherapists. I usually help them with their presentations to international conferences, their English correspondence or review and practice aspects of the English language with them. I like them very much. It is the only class where I am greeted with a concerned How are you feeling?. They are also blissfully analytical and argumentative. So, I think I will lead in with this New Scientist discussion questioning the efficacy of their profession tonight…

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