Links, 10/29/10

  • Megan McArdle, “Why We Should Eliminate the Corporate Income Tax” – fairly thorough discussion. From the article: The incidence of “corporate” taxes is not necessarily progressive. The “employer half” of the payroll tax, for example, is thought by most economists to fall pretty much entirely on the worker; corporations compensate for the extra cost by lowering the wages they offer.  Taxes on corporate profits are exactly the same for middle class families who have some shares in a 401(k), and multi-millionaire heiresses.
  • Jay Cost, “Special Good Vibrations Edition” – from the article: In how many statewide races in the Midwest, Mountain West, or South do the Democrats have the edge?  Just 4 out of 48 contests. These are: the governors’ races in Arkansas, Colorado, and Minnesota, and the Senate race in West Virginia.  However, in Colorado and Minnesota, if the Democrats win, it will be with less than 50% of the vote. Meanwhile, in West Virginia, Democrat Joe Manchin has a slight edge, but he’s running campaign ads in which he literally shoots the cap-and-trade bill.
  • Bill Roggio, “Al Qaeda martyrdom tape shows nature and extent of terror group’s reach in Afghanistan” – from the article: A recently released al Qaeda martyrdom videotape identifies five foreign commanders who have fought and died in Afghanistan within the past few years. The profiles of these commanders reveal that, in sharp contrast to the current, official assessment of top US intelligence officials, al Qaeda has an extensive network in Afghanistan as well as a deep bench of experienced leaders. Also, the martyrdom statement shows how al Qaeda rotates its cadre of leaders to ensure that seasoned commanders are on hand in critical areas.
  • Amadeus Quartet performs Schubert, “Trout” Quintet D 667, Scherzo – for some reason, the sound quality on the fourth movement is blah. This is the 3rd movement.

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