Links, 10/16/10

  • Ario Farin, “Defiance” – from the page: We have lived in Leipzig for a good five years now. But I am still bemused by the regular neo-Nazi marches.
  • Emory Rowland, “14 Things I Love About Digg 4” – you’ll note this article is a bit sarcastic. Just a bit.
  • Megan McArdle, “Fannie and Freddie in a Mess” – from the article: Folks hoping that now the banks finally get what’s coming to them should be mindful of the fact that if we decide there’s no clear title on houses with existing mortgages, that probably means you can’t sell your home, either.
  • Jay Cost, “Special Prognostication Edition” – I trust Jay Cost. I learn a ton from his articles and posts about American history and theories of electoral politics. And his reasons for predicting large GOP gains are sound: he’s looking at the likely voters, getting an idea of what the electorate is shaping up to be Election Day, and working from there. Do I think this is a bit optimistic in the end? I do. Do I think there are larger ideological forces at work that are very problematic, and raise questions beyond the scope of “who’s going to win?” Absolutely.

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