Links, 10/14/10


  1. The Higher Tax means I will work Less is a Old Strategy:) I did that During the Carter Administration. I worked until I got the Max in the Tax Bracket and Quit till the next year… A lot of Construction hands did the same….

  2. That Slate article is definitely worth a read. I read one from the BBC earlier today that sort of mirrored what it says. This one is more relevant.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    That Mankiw article is a fine illustration of the decisions freelancers face on a daily basis everywhere.

    There is a point in the tax year (usually around August over here in Germany, where the tax year runs from January to December) where I know that if I accepted larger – and better paid – projects I would end up in a higher tax bracket. So I decline certain work, chosing to spend that time with the family, or reading instead.

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