For New and Old Readers: A Request for Help

Hi everyone – I realize I haven’t said much of substance this month, but I’ll fix that soon.

Traffic to the blog, as noted before, was good in September, and is actually exactly where I wanted it to be. Again, my thanks to all of you for this. The last week or so I’ve been getting 400-500 visits a day. That’s a considerable amount of attention, and I’m assuming I have a new reader or two. The number subscribing to this blog hasn’t budged, but that might tell more about people using feed readers than attention I may or may not be getting.

I am requesting everyone’s help in promotion. As all of you are aware, it is next to impossible to find anything on this blog. Even with the tags, the search function, and the Index, there’s far too much content, and it covers an incredible diversity.

Your help promoting the blog not only gets relevant entries to audiences I can’t reach.  It does the task of “organizing” the blog for me in the best way – it puts an “index” of what I’ve written on other sites, on the whole of the Internet. It ties the right posts to the right website; not only does Google notice this, but it means I don’t have to waste blog posts saying “go look at my older entries.”

One area in which I really need help is the Lincoln entries. I know there are plenty of people interested in Lincoln and the Civil War online, but despite my best efforts, the relevant entries get little or no traffic. Here are the ones to which I’d like to see more attention given:

If you’re wondering how best to help with getting specific content to specific audiences, one thing I recommend is delicious. About a 100 or 200 of you will have to create links to one item, say that post on the Gettysburg Address. I am aware this is going to take a considerable amount of time to work. But if that link is tagged correctly, the right people will find it. You’ll also note that delicious will feature the link prominently on its frontpage, and lots of blogs have a widget where a user’s recent additions to their account display. Other sites I especially appreciate attention from:

Please let me know when you help out – heck, let everyone know. One funny thing about tip jars is that people don’t give unless someone else is giving. Thank you for listening, and please do keep reading. I’ve very grateful to have you as an audience, and am very grateful for those of you who help this blog get a bit more attention.

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