Things Overheard on Philadelphia Sports Talk Radio This Week

With the Lions/Eagles game today, I thought it might be worth recapitulating some of the “highlights” voiced by the fan base here. To understand Philadelphia sports fans, all one has to do is remember the time the hockey player Eric Lindros received a concussion during a game that made nearly everyone who watched it gasp.

Nearly everyone. Sports radio here pushed the fine, noble argument that Lindros “wanted” the concussion, that he hated Philadelphia and didn’t want to win, and that in a moment of inspired insanity tried to get himself killed during a hockey game.

Re: American football commentary this week:

  • Kevin Kolb (the quarterback of the Eagles) had a “concussion.” It wasn’t really a concussion, the coach pulled him for inept play [any idiot watching the tape can see he got hit hard, really hard. Also: coaches routinely pull players for inept play without making excuses for them]
  • Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of the Eagles, does not really want to win a championship because he’s not from around here
  • Some fans have advertised they have a petition in place to get the coach fired now that we’re one game into a 16 game season. It should be noted that under the current coach, Philadelphia has had an incredible number of seasons where they made the playoffs (last year even), competed well in the postseason, even went to a Super Bowl.

So yeah. I’m going to be watching the game today, thinking about what the craziest stupidest thing I could say to put down the team is, and then perhaps calling into sports radio and vocalizing that.


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