State of the Blog, 9/29/10

This blog will have 10,000 unique visits for September – my thanks to all of you for making that possible.

How is the blog doing with regards to contributing in some small way to larger goals? I’m not sure. So far I haven’t seen a rebirth of interest in the liberal arts, nor have I seen people as a whole take reading carefully seriously. A more thoughtful, authentic partisanship is a far distance from where we are now.

Moreover, visiting the blogs of younger people –  I originally hoped many would enjoy the blog – is enough to make me put a rock through my computer screen. The self-absorption and ungratefulness quite a few display is really depressing. I don’t blame them, ultimately: they’re acting like the adults they think they know. They’ve picked up on our whining, our obsession with sex and money, our idea that everything is justified if one works hard or merely pushes to get ahead. I suspect they’re not scared to cheat because outcomes seem to matter more than anything else.

So yeah, that’s not really the state of the blog. That’s really an exhortation to myself to “find newer audiences” and “keep writing,” definitely aiming for a greater diversity of things commented on. I need to learn to be more appreciative and more grateful myself, and at the least, I can demonstrate that commitment through this.


  1. Hi Ashok,
    I tend to comment on a variety of websites, some people will not comment or visit a site unless it is within the same niche, silly I know. Even if a site is not related to what I write, if I like what the person is writing I will add them too my RSS feed and comment.

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