Links, 9/14/10

  • Thomas Tallis, “If Ye Love Me” (Youtube) – polyphony never sounded so good. Text is John 14: 15-17.
  • Jay Cost, “Is Castle Really a RINO?” – from the article: Castle voted against health care reform but for cap-and-trade.  The latter vote was maddening. But Democrat Chris Coons would have gladly, eagerly voted for both.  And would likely have backed the so-called “public option,” too. And unlike Coons, Castle wants to repeal Obamacare, make all of the Bush tax cuts permanent, vote against federal funding of abortion, and would likely vote for conservative judges.
  • Charley Rosen, “Breaking Down USA Win Over Turkey in FIBA World Championship Game” – from the article: Equally as impressive as the wins was the way in which the players carried themselves: not going ballistic when the inept officiating made horrific calls against them, demonstrating humility and strength and steadiness of character (Charles Barkley take note), and above all, respecting their opponents, themselves and the game itself. America could not have had more admirable ambassadors in the world arena than the coaches and players that comprised Team USA at this championship.
  • Mike Tanier, “McNabb Deniers” – from the article: McNabb is the greatest quarterback in Eagles history by any reasonable measure. He holds every meaningful record, has won the most games, and has had the most playoff success of everyone in modern history but Norm Van Brocklin, whose three-year Eagles career ended 50 years ago.

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