Yes, I would vote for Linda McMahon. But we may be living in the age of Alvin Greene

1. That there’s even a campaign that needs to be waged for the Senate in Connecticut makes me wonder. Blumenthal is a liar – a really bad liar who can’t be trusted with the most elementary things – and Chris Dodd (D), who he’s succeeding, is one of those Washington insiders tarnished by the vast amount of power he holds.

Moreover, many of us in the US grew up watching the product with which Mrs. McMahon’s fortune was established. Start watching from 2:00 on the clip if you like, but don’t forget to keep watching. Yes, I want to see more of that on C-Span. Lots more.

2.  But in all seriousness, I would vote for Linda McMahon. Alvin Greene, on the other hand, was hilarious for the first five minutes, but is borderline scary when you think about it. I think Mr. Greene shows just how crippling the weakness of state parties can be to US politics as a whole. After all, the same man who did this [all quotes from previous link]:

Greene, 32, won a surprise victory in the June 8 Democratic primary. Greene handily defeated Vic Rawl, a former lawmaker and judge who had been considered an easy win by the party establishment.

Up to that point, Greene had done no visible campaigning and had no website, fundraising or staff.

has also been responsible for this:

In one interview, he suggested that the state’s economy could be improved by making and selling action figures depicting him in his uniform.

and, of course, has a background with highlights like this:

The reviewer also wrote Greene “required a daily to-do list” to perform basic duties and had a “consistent inability to follow instructions or maintain basic job knowledge.” Most seriously, the reviewer wrote that Greene would represent “a threat to others” because of his inability to grasp the basics of military training.

And you know about the obscenity charge, of course.

3. I guess I should say something about the seriousness of politics and how it’s missing and blah blah? I dunno. There are always crazy stories out there, and honestly, it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing if Mr. Greene became a Senator. The job is probably a lot less demanding than his military duties, and it isn’t like he’s being voted Emperor and talks to his horse and has a homicidal streak. And Caligula was far from the worst Roman Emperor.

I guess I can say this: it’d be nice, just once, to have a candidate that we could be fairly serious about. Maybe that’s why people get messianic about candidates – it’s nice to have someone you can trust, someone you can believe in, when everyone and everything seem so small.


  1. *sigh*

    The GOP’s been down this road before- multimillionaire entertainer decides to run for public office and Lo and behold! The Golden state now has the Govinator…

    For the CT primary, it was a choice of McMahon or earnest ‘RINO’ Simmons (who really DID serve in Vietnam). I’d rather had seen Simmons matched up against Blumenthal….or Blumenthal self-deport to the Antrctic circle.

    Blumenthal reminds me of that Pathological Liars anonymous guy that John Lovitz played on Saturday Night Live…..only instead of acting contrite or sincere when he was caught in a whopper, he acted petulant and defiant. And yet he STILL won in a landslide…

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