Links, 8/22/10

  • Via Megan McArdle, two links to pictures of ATM card skimmers – devices used to steal your credit card number and PIN that not many people know much about: The Consumerist | Krebs on Security
  • Doug Schoen, “Obama Policies Turning Off Voters” – from the article: The Benenson survey shows that the administration’s approach is fundamentally at variance with the one voters desire. Voters favor tax cuts over government investment by a clear majority and are looking for candidates and parties that champion fiscal discipline, limited government, deficit reduction, a free market, pro-growth agenda, and comprehensive plans to create employment opportunities, enable entrepreneurship, and aid business creation.
  • LGF, “Cordoba House Imam: ‘I am a Jew, I Have Always Been One'” – from the article (Jeffrey Goldberg quoted): That any Muslim imam who stands before a Jewish congregation and says, “I am a Jew,” is placing his life in danger. Remember, Islamists hate the people they consider apostates even more than they hate Christians and Jews. In other words, the man many commentators on the right assert is a terrorist-sympathizer placed himself in mortal peril in order to identify himself with Christians and Jews, and specifically with the most famous Jewish victim of Islamism.
  • Greg Sandow, “Still in the Clouds” – Heather Mac Donald of City Journal wrote a piece claiming that we live in a new “golden age” (her term) of classical music. The implications of this idiocy are staggering – saved in my drafts folder is a rant discussing how only in the age of Breitbart, where conservatives and libertarians must be right about everything and the establishment must be wrong, could this be possible. Sandow’s numbers should frighten you: we’re talking about classical album sales in the hundreds and thousands over a period of months, not days or weeks. There are some very positive developments for classical music, don’t get me wrong. I could see a rebirth of interest in our lifetime. But this is mainly here to warn you: some right now will say anything to convince you they can win the war of ideas. Those of us who work on ideas full time will call out those who are full of it, even if they’re on our side of the aisle.


  1. What about Feisal Rauf’s support of hezbollah, or his endorsement of Iran’s “revolution? I don’t want to say he’s an “extremist” but this man has been all over the place with his views. At worst he’s a lier, at best a shill just trying to get something he wants.

  2. I do fear that the LGF link presents a very one sided, not to say inaccurate, picture of Rauf (not to mention that the selected quote from the link makes him sound like he had listened to “I am the Walrus” on acid).

    He is a mixed bag. This Rauf sounds nothing like the Rauf who said “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims.”

    I almost linked to Christopher Hitchens in Slate, but found it too disingenuous because it may be one of the few things I agree with him on.

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