Blog Status Update, 8/2/10

The new template is giving several browsers problems, most notably Flock (I installed Chrome and it looks great on that, but that’s my Mac version of Chrome). Please do tell me what problems it causes you (I realize the font shade isn’t the greatest). As lovely as the theme is, I might have to switch to another.

Traffic has not hit 500 a day yet, but I know exactly how this will happen. Commenting on other blogs and promoting them is working, as long as I’m creating more content and promoting it at the same time. I think you can already tell from the way I phrased that there’s a lot of work to do, and the results are strictly long-term. I have to build an audience and where I comment has to build an audience. Only then does the strategy work. Is it showing signs of working? You bet, and they’re good signs. Traffic was 7500 uniques in July, up from 6000 a year ago. Not the greatest number, but I’ll take an increase of any sort, especially when the traffic is coming from a greater variety of sources.

As always, if you want to help out, do add this blog on delicious if you haven’t already, and consider subscribing.


  1. Looks good to me, and I would not be too concerned about Flock tbh.

    To get more traffic you need to think a little like a search engine, or more specifically, a searcher.

    “Blog Status Update, 8/2/10” is not going to win any traffic.

    Also, start being more verbose. Go into more detail about everything you write. It will help the site and keep people interested. For example:

    1. Why are you aiming for 500 visitors a day?
    2. How long have you been running this blog?
    3. Why are you leaving comments?
    4. How much new content a day/week are you generating?
    5. Why do you care about Flock?

    7500 uniques is a good start. Focus on what your readers want – build on your successes and forget about the subjects that are too competitive at the moment.

  2. And speaking of that! Thank you so much for Stumbling my “Support religious freedom” doo-hickey. You asked if non-Muslim Americans think that they honestly know no Muslims — I think that they honestly think that. We so consistently talk about Islam as if it were something Out There, and Muslims as if they were the ultimate Other, that I think many, many Americans would be stunned to learn that they have anywhere from 5-8 million Muslim compatriots.

  3. This theme is nice and clean. I like how you have several posts on the front page in the format they are in. My only suggestion is a Home tab at the top. When I am lost surfing around and want to get back to the front, I have to retype in the home page. :) Keep up the awesome work.

  4. For Melinda – the “Rethink.” at the top is hotlinked. For me that’s the best “home” button.

    Regarding Motley’s Weight Loss Guide – I would say be LESS verbose. I love your stuff but I, like many others, need scannable text with lots of signposts – your stuff would do so well as list posts. i.e. 10 Reasons Picasso Rocks or something like that.

    As for the look – I’m on a Mac, too, so I’m no help.

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