Two Quick Housekeeping Notes

1. I’ve enabled threaded comments, 4 levels deep. I’m hoping this actually works, and we’ll get some better conversation going (not that I’m complaining about the comments before). And my theme isn’t going to work with threaded comments. We’re down to one housekeeping note.

2. You’ll notice the Top Commentators list at the side has been expanded to hold 8. As more people comment, I’ll probably increase the number of commentators I credit.

And that’s it. Do feel free to comment on this post – I want to check if the threads actually work.


  1. I’ve often wondered:

    Should we be called commentators or simply commenters? I can see arguments for both sides of the question.

  2. Nice theme! I love it!
    Theres a plugin you can download to allow threaded comments, but it might mess up some people’s gravatars, but it depends on the theme though.

    Testing commentluv :P

  3. @ Cindy – right now I’m staying far, far away from gravatars.

    My main interest is to figure out how the code for the first letter of every entry works, so that way I can eliminate that giant letter showing up when a whole post is visible, but not on the blog home page where the decorative element is nice.

  4. Hi Ashok,

    Dazzlin Donna pointed me to Kim Castleberry, who has a step-by-step tutorial on installing the WP Thread Comment plugin.
    For some reason, though, the site seems to be down.

    My crusty old theme works with it.
    She recommends that you set the threading to 5 levels. Also, make sure that the WP Discussions setting for threaded comments is DISABLED, before activating the plugin

    Hope this helps.



  5. Jon-
    I’ve wondered the same thing for a long time and use the terms interchangeably, but never took the time to find out which is right. hmmm

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