Links, 7/14/10


  • Bill Ardolino, “On Patrol in Karamanda” – from the article: The small farming community of several thousand is the site of some of the fiercest fighting since the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment took over responsibility for Musa Qala District from British Forces in March. Within days of their arrival, the Marines moved to take the village from the Taliban, some of whom waited in entrenched fighting positions. The Americans successfully cleared Karamanda in a 36-hour gunfight, rooting out several squads of dug-in insurgents with an infantry assault from two directions and the aid of fixed wing aircraft and helicopter gunships. After their arrival, some of the civilians thanked the Marines. According to Americans, the villagers had weathered heavy-handed governance by the Taliban for years, and were receptive to the idea of foreign aid and reconstruction.
  • LGF, “Pamela Geller: Obama is Planning to Nuke the US” – Wow. Just wow. And notice what kind of attention Geller’s getting for being this insane – much of it is far from negative. Also, a few of you have asked how the Tea Parties are harmful. Well, Sharron Angle is pretty much a Tea Party candidate, and remember that Harry Reid’s seat was in danger before she arrived on the scene (yes, there are positions I agree with her on. But that doesn’t mean she’s electable).




  • Wired, “By the Numbers: Has Facebook Fatigue Set In?” (h/t – from the article: …there’s also the possibility that almost every American who has any interest in joining Facebook already has. Facebook says it has about 125 million active U.S. accounts and is likely closing on half a billion accounts worldwide. According to Inside Facebook, approximately 41 percent of Americans have Facebook accounts, a rate surpassed only by the U.K and Canada, which clock in at 44 percent and 48 percent, respectively.

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