Watching Slovenia-US…

…and it is the 42 minute mark, and Slovenia is up 2-0, and really should be up 3-0 or 4-0. I don’t know a thing about football/soccer, but I do know giving Slovenia a ton of free kicks and being overmatched consistently when on offense (one or two against a swarm of defenders) aren’t good things. The commentators are talking about how the US has given Slovenia way too much space, and if you watch the first goal Slovenia scored, you’ll see what they’re talking about exactly. Birsa had time and space to sit, gather the ball right in front of the goal, bake a cake, learn a Chopin Nocturne, watch Desperate Housewives, then fire the ball into the goal.

The US team just looks dead out there, and I’m bored watching the game. It’s halftime now, and Alexi Lalas is now talking about how people aren’t playing their men and being in proper position.

I’m turning this discussion over to the rest of you – I don’t know a thing about football of this sort. Your comments are appreciated: the more specific, the better.

Update: 86 minute mark – US has played much better, Donovan and Bradley’s goals were spectacular, and Edu got robbed. There’s no way around that. Given the header that nearly got in a moment ago (87 minute mark), Slovenia might have figured out the defense.

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