Obligatory Milestone Post: 250,000 Unique Visitors

Truth be told, there are plenty of blogs that get something like 250,000 visitors a month, if not a day. And the time from 200k – 250k was far longer than from 100k – 200k. Traffic dropped from 300-400 a day to something like 100-200.

That having been said, this is still a celebration. Well, maybe not: the celebratory committee wanted Rick Astley, but we got this guy instead. (My vote was for the Kronos String Quartet, but noooooooooooo).

No, on third thought, this is definitely a celebration. 250,000 for a blog this dense is a lot of traffic, and at the very least, there are quite a few more people that at least know the name Xenophon. There are fewer that may know how to point out something interesting in the Gettysburg Address or Second Inaugural. But weirdly enough, there’s more interest in Emily Dickinson‘s short work than one would ever suspect, and I think one major goal for this blog is to get to 100 Emily Dickinson entries asap, to see what happens in terms of getting people generally to read carefully and work with the cryptic, difficult questions she forces to the surface.

In any case, a huge thanks to Josh for his continued support, and an enormous thanks to Jennifer for helping me get this particular version of the blog started. More thanks:

  • David Sullivan – because of him, my work is all over Mixx, Digg, Amplify, Stumbleupon, Propeller. He is relentless at promoting my work even when we disagree – I think he sees what’s at stake even more clearly than I do. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for his efforts.
  • Amanda and Constance – I met both on Stumbleupon, and for all her efforts, I definitely owe Amanda a Jaguar (those emerald green ones are pricey, I gotta tell you). I probably owe Constance a Mac, but I’m hoping she gets rich and famous first so I don’t have to buy her one :P
  • Ario, Elizabeth, John – you’ve been very consistent, and I just wish this blog would take off so I wouldn’t have to ask for any help.

There’s a bunch more of you who’ve been a huge blessing – building links to my blog, helping me find things to blog about, promoting me in ways I couldn’t even conceive. Believe me, if you haven’t been thanked here, you’ll be thanked later. I’m only listing names of those who’ve helped out very recently (and I’m writing this fast), particularly those who helped out when I was away from my computer for an extended period. It says something that I didn’t bring this blog 250,000 visits, but that others worked to do that. Thanks to all of you who read and take the time to comment; it’s more than encouraging.


  1. Be sure to bring your blog in for it’s 250K hit checkup!

    BTW….I just downloaded a nifty little widget that displays the flags of the countries where people have visited my blog from. No word on whether or not the blog shall die a prolonged, agonizing, gurgling death as a result.

  2. Congratulations!

    re: ‘more interest in Emily Dickinson’s short work than one would ever suspect’

    Folks don’t seem to want to spend lots of time on one site, might be the reason behind the interest in the short form works?

    Anyway, I’m enjoying it all! Thanks!

  3. Yeah promoting blogs is one of the ways on taking home that 250k ticks of visitors and maybe its about the topic of the blog that gives it more than 250k visitors and what kind of comments you have in your blog that makes it a factor.

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