Links, 6/9/10

  • Caitlin Flanagan, “Love, Actually” – lots to think about and some sharp insights even as I don’t agree with all of the author’s values or appraisal of the situation. From the article: As for High School Musical, you have to chew through four solid hours of the trilogy—and an imagined year and a half of the main players’ secondary education—before the star-crossed lovers even share a kiss. It is supposed to be a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, but in the 400-year-old original, the main characters take only four days (and, theatrically, three and half hours, tops) to fornicate, initiate a murder spree, run away from home, break their parents’ hearts, secretly marry, and then off themselves.
  • Jay Cost, “Obama Gives New Meaning to Big Government” – not Mr. Cost’s most thoughtful posting, but I do agree that something is drastically wrong when we’re in danger of going broke and the President is more concerned with telling us what he thinks about Major League Baseball and Kanye West.
  • Via, “Academic finds evidence of data fabrication in Iraq death toll report” – from the article: Professor Spagat’s research analyses the high-profile Burnham et al (2006) survey that estimated 601,000 violent deaths in the Iraq war and says it is unreliable, invalid and unethical and resulted in an exaggeration of the death toll.
  • Mark Bauerlein, “Words from the President and from High Schoolers” – the video he links to is scary, despite the fact nothing in it should shock anyone.

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  1. Kanye’s a jackass….we’ve been over this.

    No word on LeBron? Or maybe crowing about the Blackhawks, which I’m sure he followed as closely as he did the WhiteSox from his days of yore in Jakarta Nairobi Hawaii….?

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