Links, 6/17/10

  • Jay Cost, “The Pulpit of a Bully” – even though I agree with many of Mr. Cost’s views, I’m not feeling sorry for the American people. Ultimately, it is up to them to spend wisely. When income is tight, one might even think that the first act constituting self-governance.
  • “U.S. Bolsters Afghan Police to Secure Kandahar” (nytimes, h/t Josh) – lots of scary anecdotes about the quality of Afghan policing in the area. However, it isn’t hard to see real progress as a result, and Kandahar wasn’t an area in the best shape to begin with.
  • “San Francisco Passes Cellphone Radiation Law” (nytimes, h/t Josh) – from the article: The law ā€” believed to be the first of its kind in the nation ā€” came despite a lack of conclusive scientific evidence showing that the devices are dangerous, and amid opposition from the wireless telephone industry, which views the labeling ordinance as a potential business-killing precedent.

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