Light posting ahead…

…I need to get settled, into a routine. I promised myself I’d get a good start on an article and hahaha that’s not happening.

I’m going to try to take a few days off in terms of blogging. Hopefully there will be no posting until July.

I was going to apologize to those of you who’ve requested things from me – I’ve had requests to write more on Plato, specific articles on political theory, the Constitution, etc. I’ll try to get to them, but no apologies. When I look back at output this month, it’s actually been pretty amazing, and a few of you know I’ve been busy with blog backend stuff too – promotion, backlinks, etc.

Alright. Turning this space over to you. Thank you again for all your patience and the reading, commenting, promoting you do. It is most appreciated.


  1. That was me last month for some reason. I didn’t take the month off, but found myself posting every other day or every 3rd day.

    June’s been a pretty busy month in terms of not just current events (various primaries, the BP spill, the deteriorating situations in Afghanistan, Arizona, North Korea, Israel, Mexico etc. that cannot go by without comment) but also the stuff that catches my interest like sports (NBA and Stanley Cup finals) and the rail industry (one of the oldest and best known US Diesel locomotive manufacturers purchased outright by Caterpillar).

  2. Hey Ashok,

    Routine and time management are essential to online success.

    It’s good you can look back and see how productive you have been over the last month, it gives you the inspiration to keep moving forward.

    I am sure your blog will be very successful, Sally ;)

  3. Don’t you think you need to assign your back linking or SEO to others for you to find more time with other stuff you have to deal with? Anyway, I hope things are doing well with you. Time management is indeed essential. Good luck!

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