Links, 5/26/10

Just three links – I’ve been pretty unproductive today, and want to get to work, and I don’t want to spend more time on the computer looking for stuff. I did start a rant about the sustainability of conservatism blah blah and got bored with my own rant.

  • Megan McArdle, “Government Spending May Hurt the Private Sector” – from the article: Obviously, libertarians will find this result congenial. But frankly, it has me stonkered.  Earmarks are an exogenous gift of cash from outside the state–which in turn means a transfer of real resources into the state.  Why would private activity go down?
  • Chris Christie, “The Reform Agenda: Changing Course in N.J.” – from the article: We can’t increase municipal aid, increase aid to school districts, and increase property taxes without end. At some point, the people’s ability to pay runs out.
  • My daily Internet reading habits – always at least one poem, Megan McArdle & Jay Cost & LGF,, a few blogs of friends, (when football season starts), and basketball columnist/former coach Charley Rosen, who has made me way better at identifying plays as I watch, seeing what’s happening with individual matchups, and a number of other things. His quick comment on the Lakers/Suns game yesterday is marvelous – compare what he says with what other columnists or TV talking heads are saying, and it’s no competition.

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