Links, 5/25/10

  • Bruce Fleming, “The Military’s Mission of Mediocrity” (h/t – from the article: Meanwhile, the academy’s former pursuit of excellence seems to have been pushed aside by the all-consuming desire to beat Notre Dame at football (as Navy did last year). To keep our teams in the top divisions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, we fill officer-candidate slots with students who have been recruited primarily for their skills at big-time sports. That means we reject candidates with much higher predictors of military success (and, yes, athletic skills that are more pertinent to military service) in favor of players who, according to many midshipmen who speak candidly to me, often have little commitment to the military itself.
  • Megan McArdle, “What Would Happen if the Supreme Court Struck Down Health Care Reform?” – from the article: But there’s a strong possibility that any ruling that eliminated the individual mandate would make anything but single payer or a national health service illegal.  Ironically, a conservative court might push health policy to the left.
  • Sol Stern, “Can New York Clean Up the Testing Mess?” – from the article: …when NCLB became law, it left the door wide open to massive test inflation by stipulating that all American students “will be proficient” by the year 2014—and imposing a series of increasingly onerous sanctions on districts and schools not moving toward that goal—yet allowing each state to develop its own tests and set its own standard for “proficiency.”

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