Links, 5/20/10

My apologies for all the link posts – I’m kind of in a bind. Lots to do, but actually getting credit for what I do is not in my control, not one bit. So I’m torn over what exactly to do with myself, and that leads to reading a lot.

  • David McCandless, “Information is beautiful: war games” (h/t Josh) – in case you get into an argument with someone who says something like “the US spends lots of money on war and wants to kill everyone in the world,” refer them to this article which puts numbers in context and keeps good questions open.
  • Chris Kohler, “Farm Wars: How Facebook Games Harvest Big Bucks” (h/t Josh) – no comment.
  • Jay Cost, “Is PA-12 a Bellwether?” – from the article: The fact that the GOP did not win this special election is evidence that 2010 is not going to be some 1938-style tsunami where the majority party sheds 90 seats. If the Massachusetts Senate race tantalized Republicans with the idea of boundless political opportunities, the PA-12 special election should remind them to keep their imaginations in check. But Martin and Mahtesian need a reality check, too. They are arguing way beyond the facts to suggest that the district had a “level playing field,” that it “couldn’t have been more primed for a Republican victory,” and that “the outcome casts serious doubt on the idea that the Democratic House majority is in jeopardy.”
  • Marc Bousquet, “The Worst-Paid High-School Graduates in the Country” – not something I agree with, but lots to think about. From the article: McArdle speculates that the material condition of the contingent faculty (“some of the worst-paid high-school graduates in the country”) has caused the “leftward drift” of academic politics: i.e., that working in a tiered workplace has made typical academics adopt egalitarian values. She’s completely wrong about that, since it was exactly the other way around: the faculty’s non-leftism (their liberal comfort with inegalitarianism in economic and workplace matters) helped bring about the system of majority contingent appointments.

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  1. I think one thing reagrding PA-12 that’s being overlooked is that Critz was running as a conservative while distancing himself from 0bama, Reid and Pelosi. There’s also the fact that they go right back at it in November (which is undoubtedly the spin the Democrats and MSM would’ve used had Critz lost).

    Also, the Dems have given up on another special election this week- the special election in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District to replace the seat Abercrombie vacated when he decided to run for governor. The Dems can crow all they want over PA-12, but I’d really be interested in seeing the spin should Republican Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou win in a far bluer district in a much more bluer state than Pennsylvania.
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