Not much news to report here at school: in fact, things feel like they’ve slowed down here, and I have to give myself more work to do. I consider part of my work “corrupting the youth,” so I try to meet new people every day, but I definitely feel I need to be reading more given that I have access to a library. So maybe you’ll see some posts on Greek drama soon. At this point in my life, I really need all the Greek drama and Plato I possibly can know read. There’s one work of Xenophon’s I still have to get to, the Hellenica. (I work from Strauss’ contention that Plato and Xenophon are pretty much in agreement about Socrates. Whatever I find in Plato applies to Xenophon in some way, usually).

My German is better, but despite listening to it and reading it daily, progress seems to have slowed. That’s more than a bit frustrating: you always want to feel like you’re getting closer to a goal, not like the mountain one is trying to climb got that much bigger. But I do have people to work with on the language here, and I do look forward to working with them.

So that’s life here. If it sounds a bit boring and secluded, that’s because it is. Being in school at 30 makes one realize just how much of a bubble any given school is. For all the complaints we have about the educational system, some of its basic premises work, although I wonder to what end. If I were teaching now, my ability to open minds would be limited despite school being a bit distant from the rest of the world. That distance does not always directly benefit one who teaches political science.


  1. Ashok, Language learning has got to be one of the most mind-stretching exercises ever! It leaves me feeling vulnerable…that’s why G-d usually gives that responsibility to toddlers! : ) Der geist ist villig aber das fleisch ist schwach!

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