Updating the Index page…

…not done yet, but if you click on “Index,” you’ll notice a ton of poems that I’ve commented on have been added (no newer Dickinson yet, though). Some of these are getting no attention whatsoever, which I find very strange. A few that I think are being neglected:

There’s lots more than just those. But I wonder why those are getting zero attention at least according to the traffic logs recently (by zero: I think maybe one person in the last month has visited the “Abduction” commentary). It’s not like reading the poems is going to make anyone any dumber, and I know the commentaries that attend those poems are some of my best writing. I can’t really do much more than what I’ve done.

Also: Abraham Lincoln, “Proclamation of Thanksgiving” – you’d be amazed at how few visits I get for Lincoln related stuff. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to say my traffic was indicative of anything. Now I can. The project with which we’re involved isn’t bringing a poem or two to people’s attention. What’s necessary is almost a full-scale rebirth of the liberal arts as a part of our culture. Things don’t count as “alive” because they’re requirements for classes. What matters is what one values outside of immediate gain.

As always, my thanks for your readership, and the links you create and promotion you do on behalf of the blog.

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