Still Alive…

…sorry for all the Dickinson recently. I’m working on Nietzsche, but it’s in German, and very slow going. I feel really dumb: it’s less about learning the text and more about learning the language right now. I’m getting back into exploring some higher themes, though it will take a little time.

Dallas has its ups and downs. Mostly ups, but the University tends to be in a bubble of sorts, and it is sometimes scary to watch. Some students do live in worlds utterly divorced from reality. I used to think that they were talented enough to get away with that sort of thing forever. Now I know better, and I know the University’s purpose generally is open minds in the fullest sense. As a society, we can’t afford anything less.

I’m not saying anything about health care reform except that yeah, I’m still reading Megan McArdle and agreeing with her basic positions.

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