More or Less Conservative Links, 2/8/10

  • Rich Lowry, “For Government, Let the Good Times Roll” – the statistics listed here are frightening.
  • George Will, “The United States of Fiscal Folly” – the above is how government expands while we’re in a recession, and talks about how more gov’t employees are getting relatively cushy jobs while others in the private sector are hoping for employment. This focuses on the fact that an aging population that spends more on medical care cannot create a vibrant, self-sustaining economy long-term.
  • Jay Cost, “America is Not Ungovernable” – from the article: …some analysts have suggested that the lack of major policy breakthroughs in the last year is due to the fact that America has become ungovernable…. Nonsense. America is not ungovernable. Her President has simply not been up to the job…. He has been narrow, not broad. He has been partial, not post-partisan. He has been ideological, not pragmatic. No number of “eloquent” speeches can alter these facts. This is why his major initiatives have failed, why his net job approval has dropped 50 points in 12 months, and why he is substantially weaker now than he was a year ago.
  • Megan McArdle, “The Reality of Health Care Plans” – from the article: I want to turn the Federal government into an income-based catastrophic insurer, for expenses that exceed 15-20% of AGI.  I don’t think there’s much hope of controlling cancer treatments or heart surgery.  But I think we could eliminate a hell of a lot of unnecessary day to day expenses–the ER visits of convenience and CYA tests for diseases there’s no indication the patient has.  But the only way we’ll do that is by making the consumer responsible for those costs.

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  1. I’m surprisingly for Megan’s plan. My deductible is $2500 as it is (sadly close to 15% of my income) and I never use a dime of it anyway.

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