Links, 2/22/10

  • Neo-Nazi Sites Love Ron Paul – in case you’re wondering why this is, here’s a reminder. Also, we can do without the cheerleading.
  • Kevin Carey, “How I Aced College – and Why I Now Regret It” – see Mark Bauerlein’s post for more on this. From Carey’s post: An institution that routinely describes itself as “the best public university in the Northeast” shouldn’t hand out four credits for a 10th-grade C. It should aspire to be more than just a knowledge vending machine of courses to be chosen at semi-random with little in the way of guidance or forethought. It should look for opportunities to teach undergraduates more than its peers, not less—indeed, that’s what phrases like “best public university” ought to mean. It should have done so 18 years ago, and it should do that today. All the policies I encountered—four credits for a 3 on an AP test or three hours of instruction, credit for gym, credit for pass/fail—are still in place. And while I’m picking on my alma mater because I was there, I’m sure that a great many other colleges and universities are guilty of similar conduct.
  • Megan McArdle, “California Faces Off With Amazon” – at some point, we really need lots of people to tell California voters that their politicians suck because they’ve been handed a near-impossible situation due to the voters’ profligacy. America is not ungovernable, but California probably is.
  • Steven Strogatz, “Division and its Discontents” (h/t Josh)- I can no longer do long division, but reading this article makes me want to learn math all of a sudden.
  • Ario’s been blogging up a storm recently, and if you’re subscribed to me, you absolutely should be subscribed to him. If time permits, I should be writing on one of his poems soon. Go check out “Feeling animated” if you haven’t yet, and do wander around his blog: there’s way more there to discuss than space will permit here.

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