Links, 2/19/10

  • What do the Taliban have in common with high schools? They both hand out diplomas. Thank you, Pakistan.
  • In related news: CPAC allows homophobic bigot to take the stage, and the results are predictable. Unbelievable.
  • Megan McArdle, “The Majesty of the Law” – from the article: I’ve read a lot about prohibition, but I never read about the government’s deliberate effort to make industrial alcohol undrinkably poisonous.  Thousands of people seem to have died as a result. (A few of you have asked about this, so I need to clarify. I am for the war on drugs. But I know it can be conducted a lot more humanely and with far more respect for people’s liberties.)
  • Charles Krauthammer, “Excuses for Obama’s Failure to Lead” – I don’t think he appreciates the situation in regard to entitlements sufficiently, but I could be mistaken. Still, an awesome op-ed that captures how much left-of-center punditry is hyping up how radical America is for purely partisan purposes. The difference between me and many who decry the Right couldn’t be starker: they have policy outcomes they want. I want better citizens.
  • Paige Williams, “Dolly, Rejection and Radiohead Journalism” (h/t Josh) – read the whole thing, and note that her online presence before the article was probably smaller than mine is now, yet her work went “viral.” I’m thinking a large part of that is that she asked for donations. Somehow, when we feel like “money” is related to something, it’s a lot more important. That donation button might be going up soon.


  1. I was at CPAC. My feeling after returning to normalcy? The prospects are tough here. It is a tough crowd to work with – especially those surrounding Ron Paul and his “Campaign for Liberty.” Thomas DiLorenzo – the “scholar” – authored several books including “The Real Lincoln” and “Lincoln Unmasked,” both of which serve the secessionist, “Lincoln was the worst president ever” cause.

    Their position is simply incoherent. When I told them that no, I wasn’t planning on buying the book – just investigating sophistry – one of them told me that it might be good to open my mind to some “views” contrary to Lincoln’s own. I told them that I had already read Stephen Douglas’ speeches and Judge Taney’s opinion.

  2. @ thag – I’ve met Tom DiLorenzo personally (yes, he was a nice guy). The University of Dallas held a debate in which he participated. It was not much of a debate. He and another professor pretty much talked about how the Supreme Court might try to ban Christianity – I shit you not – and secession is therefore something that needs to be considered.

    Part of the problem with blogging is that I cannot convey in words just how much right-wing extremism I’ve experienced front-and-center.

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