Links, 1/28/10

  • LGF, “Why I Left the Right: John Birch Society at CPAC Edition” – a good summary of some very insane conspiracy theorists, who unfortunately are considered more credible media than this blogger. CPAC is pretty much a sewer this year; it probably is the case that Pajamas’ Media representation at the conference last year was sign of things to come.
  • “Afghan Tribe, Vowing to Fight Taliban, Get U.S. Aid in Return” (nytimes, h/t Josh) – from the article: Elders from the Shinwari tribe, which represents about 400,000 people in eastern Afghanistan, also pledged to send at least one military-age male in each family to the Afghan Army or the police in the event of a Taliban attack. In exchange for their support, American commanders agreed to channel $1 million in development projects directly to the tribal leaders and bypass the local Afghan government, which is widely seen as corrupt. “The Taliban have been trying to destroy our tribe, and they are taking money from us, and they are taking our sons to fight,” said Malik Niaz, a Shinwari elder. “If they defy us now, we will defeat them.”
  • Jay Cost, “Could Nancy Pelosi Lose Control of the House?” – from the article: House roll call votes from late in 2009 suggest that there might be a backbench revolt brewing that could undermine Democratic control of the government.
  • Megan McArdle, “Oregon to Tax Rich, Corporations More Heavily” – some really good points here about taxation generally.


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