Links, 1/20/10

  • Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts, this blogger is happy. A round-up of links: excerpts from Brown’s victory speech, where he sounds very genuine and like he has class. Some of the opinions of Massachusetts voters make me cringe, but it’s important to hear from them about why this happened. Regarding the latter: the national Republican party did help Brown’s campaign, but stayed under the radar. I don’t think I need to tell you that it is a very bad thing the Republican brand is tarnished, especially given the craziness and hatred of many doing the tarnishing. Finally, Jay Cost with some thoughts on what this means for President Obama now, and whether the President is too inflexible.
  • Wired, “Could a Virtual Surge Fix Afghanistan?” – if there are Afghani or Iraqi students that know English, and would like to learn about the Constitution and read some primary source documents in American history and politics, I’m happy to help. Just send me an e-mail and we can talk over IM or the like.
  • Megan McArdle, “Applying William Easterly’s Wisdom to Haiti” – I cannot thank Megan McArdle enough. After seeing commentator after commentator talk about how useless foreign aid is, and sound like they hadn’t even looked at the pictures where people are pulling bodies out of the rubble and throwing them onto a pile (coming soon: the Right really needs to learn to shut up), some words of sense: Since Easterly is often seen as a critic of lavish aid, I think my answer might surprise you:  we should give Haiti a bunch of money and other help. Easterly makes a convincing case that aid doesn’t improve the level of economic growth, or pull nations out of poverty.  But aid can alleviate human misery, and that’s what Haiti has a lot of right now.  Haiti may not be any richer when we pull out.  But it will have fewer dead people, fewer children missing parents, or parents missing limbs.
  • LGF, “Tea Party Leader: The GOP Never Calls Me Back” – documenting extremism is thankless work. I may not agree with Charles Johnson on everything, but the work he’s doing is very important and I’d rather side with him than people who want to use hate to win elections.

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  1. This is HUGE. Now, granted there’s no denying that Coakley ran an awful campaign, with no less than five gi-normous and highly publicized gaffes in the pivotal final 2 weeks, but that’s never been a hinderance to Democrats on the ballot in the Bay State before.

    Last night, a hawkish, pro 2nd Amendment, anti same-sex marriage REPUBLICAN candidate just won Teddy Kennedy’s seat- it’s not like he hid his views from the voters, either. Hell- Coakley and her SEIU backers reminded the public with a slew of attack ads at every opportunity (some of which spelled Massachusetts incorrectly). It’s widely believed that Brown really gained traction when he said he’d cast the deciding vote against Obamacare….altho’ the line about it being ‘the people’s chair’ was golden as well.

    I no longer reside in the Commonwealth, so my contribution was limited to a few ‘get out and vote’ phone calls and text messages to friends and family there (at least the ones who I though would vote for Brown- no joke, I have kinfolk who would think Coakley’s too much of a right-winger). But this is huge- the electorate basically just told the DNC on all levels that they weren’t obedient little serfs who were going to automatically vote for their overlor(D)s anymore- those votes had to be earned, and Scott Brown worked a hell of alot harder for them than Coakley did.

    And with that in mind, it’s funny to see the furious spin coming from the White House and Obama’s MSM lapdogs on how the voters of Mass are sexist (or racist for not choosing the white chick over the white guy), Congress wasn’t cramming enough god-awful costly and punitive legislation down the nation’s throat quick enough in the name of ‘change’ and ‘reform’ or how Coakley’s loss was…….wait for it….. BUSH’S fault. First Corzine, then Coakley. They really don’t get it, which suits me fine. If the message from last night hasn’t sunk in yet, maybe they’ll continue their self-petard hoisting come November.

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