Last time I requested promotion help was October 20th…

…so I figure I’m overdue for begging again. I really should be writing this post once a month. A huge thank you to all who’ve helped me out: I’m not naming names because I don’t want to embarrass any of you any further. Just remind me, I owe a few of you a new car at some point.

Oh, and traffic has been good recently. Actually, really good – I don’t want to take that for granted. I think asking for help at this stage when people are listening is better than asking for help when people aren’t.

Anyway, the list of things you can do:

  • stumbles are always appreciated – they have a new format which is more searchable. I wonder if getting some of my posts tagged right would pay off…
  •, digg, mixx – each helps out in its own way: reddit gives traffic (lots, sometimes. a link from here posted last night brought in something like 40 visits), digg links help with search engines, mixx has a community that’s worthwhile
  • If you’ve got a twitter and there’s an entry you like, go right ahead.
  • do consider saving links to entries you really like at delicious – this is more help than you could possibly imagine
  • Technorati has redesigned, and the site looks awesome now. Please do review this blog there; there’s also Alexa. Trust me, it’d be nice to read a few more reviews of this blog.
  • subscribing helps too: it used to be the case that blogs which were subscribed to more did better in search engine results; here’s an introduction to feed readers that I wrote some time ago
  • this blog is badly represented at myspace and facebook and many other social networking services. If you feel like changing that, I’m not going to stop you.

Thanks in advance: as always, if you want credit, just post a comment saying what you did. That also helps me follow up and make your endorsement a bit more powerful on some sites.

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